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History of Marusei Orimono


Established as a Tatami Tape manufacturer in Kurashiki, Kojima, Okyama by the founder, Kiyoshi Okuno.

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The successor, Atsumu, Okuno expanded the production scale, explored the opportunities in the related business fields, and then successfully established a strong existence in the industry during rapid economic growth in 1980’s.



Hiroaki Okuno inherited business. 


Hiroaki Okuno gave a new brand name, eN. to the existing products aspiring to develop new application ideas while preserving its roots and history. 


Our story and mission

Marusei Orimono faced a difficult time growing business.  In 1999, a sudden illness affected Hiroaki Okuno and took away the mobility of his right body forever.  After a painstaking rehabilitation process, he came back to work supported by his family members.  This experience has made Marusei Orimono Company not only stronger, but also understood the challenges of people with disabilities. Marusei Orimono's mission is to develop programs to support the disabled using eN.. Marusei Orimono’s vision is to spread the words of eN. around the world to explore new applications beyond tatami mats, while preserving the value and tradition of who we are and where we come from. 


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